Track Rules

Event Operations

Track Operations:

Day 1Day 2
6:30Track gate opens6:30Track gate opens
8:00Driver meeting8:20
Have a coffee
8:30Track is Green8:30
Track is green
12–1:00Lunch   12-1:00Lunch
4:30Done driving4:30Done driving

Open Track Format

 The event will be run in an “open track format”.  However, the checkered flag will be thrown every 1/2 hour merely as a “time marker” for the driver’s convenience.  There is no need to pit-in if you don’t want to.  If you are pitting, maintain speed and remember the track will remain hot.  Other drivers are at speed.  Signal them as needed.  Anytime you enter the track assume the track is hot and up to speed.

At Watkins Glen, when pitting out, stay to the RIGHT all the way into the Esses.  Do NOT move track left to "get on line" after the blend line ends.  Doing so may put you directly in front of a car at speed with a large speed differential.  You cannot see such a car when exiting the pits.  Doing so will result in a black flag for you, or worse.

Remember to pace yourself.  Typical car club sessions or club sprint races are usually only 20 to 30 minutes long.  In addition they include warm-up and cool-down laps which take up to 5 minutes out of that time.  So, many drivers are not used to driving extended sessions.  This is a good venue to practice this skill.

Please watch your mirrors and be courteous to other drivers.  Point them by as needed.  When approaching a slower car, please be sure they see you before overtaking.  Watch for an overtaking signal.  The track will be so empty that there is little to gain (and a lot to lose) from diving-in on someone.  This is not a race.  There will be no racing or “contesting corners”.

You may not be used to seeing Blue (a.k.a invisible) Flags, but please watch for them. The professional Watkins Glen flaggers are very helpful - occasionally the Blue Flag will be shown several corners ahead of a very fast car which you can’t yet see in your mirrors.  If you are approaching a slower car and see a Blue Flag consider that while it may be for the car in front of you, it may also be for both of you.  Another faster car may be approaching both of you.

Also please pay attention to the White Flag and the waving White Flag.  As you know, the White Flag means you are approaching a slower vehicle or (sometimes) an emergency vehicle.  A waving White Flag means it is between that flag and the next flag station.

A standing Black Flag will be used to clear the track.  Other flagging details will be provided in the driver meeting.

Passengers are allowed in all cars.  Passengers must be over 18 (track requirement), complete personal information & experience form, sign all waivers from Kojote and the track, and must wear an approved helmet and shoes.  We would appreciate it if they wear more than that though. 


This event is for racers and advanced drivers only.  These include car club (PCA, BMW, FOC, etc.) approved instructors & advanced run group drivers in good standing, and drivers with active racing licenses (FIA, HSR, SVRA, IMSA, SCCA, PCA, etc.), also in good standing.  

EVERYONE who goes on track (drivers and passengers) must complete a personal information & experience form, and sign all waivers from Kojote and the track.  These forms must be on file with Kojote at the event before the people may go on track.


Guests are allowed, but the track requires that we provide their names and addresses in advance.  Please include that info in your registration / personal information form.  If you want to add others later, please e-mail us with their names and addresses. All guests names and addresses must be listed on the entrant's personal information form.

Otherwise, they will not be allowed into the track.  Improper behavior by any guest will reflect on that guest and the entrant who brought them.  All guests must sign all Kojote and track waivers.Minors must have a parent / guardian consent form completed for them at Kojote registration.  This must be on file with Kojote at the event, or the minor will not be allowed to stay.  Minors are not allowed on track under any circumstances.  They are also not allowed over the pit wall or in the hot pits at any time.Animals are allowed but must be leashed at all times.  Animals are not allowed on track.  (See above helmet requirement…)

Car Tech

There will be no car inspection at the track.  You are responsible for the proper maintenance and safety of your car.  This event provides a lot of track time.  Please pay extra attention to wear and tear on your car.  Plan ahead.  Bring brake pads, tires, and other equipment as needed.  Use your time wisely.  Stay on top of your car’s running condition.  

Your car should be equipped with safety equipment appropriate to the car.  For example, if you are driving a race car, the car should be equipped with racing seats, harnesses, a roll cage, and a fire suppression system.  If you are driving a street car, we strongly recommend that the car be equipped with a proper seat, 5 point harnesses and a fire extinguisher.